The “vision” of Gospel Music According to Chicago was birthed in the mind of Dennis E. Cole and was  manifested  with a confirmation of God’s Divine plan when Mother Ann Yancy approached him with a similar “vision” she had had regarding Chicago’s gospel music “Living Legends.”   Allowing God to continue to speak to him, Dennis approached Bishop Larry D. Trotter of Sweet Holy Spirit ministries in October of 2006 with the “vision.” 

Dennis envisioned a number of key players and personalities who would bring their levels of expertise, training, professional skills, backgrounds, proven track records, and personal standards of excellence to the table and together greatly contribute to the master plan.

Dennis called and/or approached every individual within the “vision.”  Some responded and some said that it was too big and it could never happen in Chicago.  Other’s time, schedules and previous commitment did not permit their involvement and participation in laying the groundwork to this project.  The Executive Committee held their first meeting December 14, 2006 at Sweet Holy Spirit Church in the Hattie Shaw Room.  Originally titled “The Gospel According to Chicago,” a name Gospel Music According to Chicago was voted upon and the ministry was born. A mission was established:

 Our mission is to establish relationships between admirers of gospel music—an art form indigenous to Chicago and the persons involved in its creation, its  performance and its preservation.  Further, we are committed to establishing a means of support for pioneers, legends and active members of the gospel music community through the creation of sponsorships, corporate relationships and grassroots campaigns designed to create a public appreciation, respect for and an awareness of this great music art form and its progenitors, creators, and practitioners of this music genre.”

The Executive Committee at its first meeting decided to start the organization with three primary goals and objectives:

 To keep Chicago in the forefront of the gospel music industry and to continue its legacy as the “Gospel Capital of the World” and the “Mecca of Gospel Music” in order to demonstrate the past and present contributions of Chicago gospel and how it connects to the great Chicago gospel music legacy both nationally and internationally.

To maintain and preserve the true, rich sounds of what made Chicago gospel music what it is today and at the same time bring together, acknowledge, and salute those “Living Legends” and  individuals who have and still continue to make significant contributions to Chicago gospel music.

To salute the “Living Legends” of Chicago, sponsor a unity day which bridges the gap and provides a dialogue between one generation to another generation, and bringing all denominations, races, colors and creeds together to salute Chicago gospel music through volumes of live recordings in order to fund the mission and a  future not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, which is currently being established.